Solving The Problem Of Ear Mites In Dogs

A dog is much more than a pet; he is a family member and a friend. That’s why it’s so important to take the very best possible care of him that you can. If you suspect ear mites are bothering your dog, take the steps necessary to eradicate them right away.

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Symptoms Of Ear Mites In Dogs

Your dog may have a dark discharge coming from his ears, because the excrement from mites leaves a brown residue in the ear wax. His ears will probably smell foul too, under such circumstances. In the event that the mites have been present for more than a few weeks, hematoma may set in. This is dried blood clotting underneath the skin’s surface, usually found in the flaps of a dog’s ears. Other sores may be present and your dog will be in obvious discomfort or pain, scratching at his ears frequently and shaking his head fervently.

Treatment For Ear Mites In Dogs

Taking your dog to the veterinarian’s office is recommended, however; there are home methods you can explore. A vet will treat the mites, clean the ears and give you take-home topical medication or possibly antibiotics if a secondary infection has developed.

To treat your dog at home, start with mineral oil and plenty of cotton balls. Soak them thoroughly in the oil and clean his ears all of debris at least twice a week. Mineral oil will kill the ear mites. You can also dab the cotton balls into the oil and gently secure them in your dog’s ear, leaving them there for 10 or 15 minutes, if of course your dog is agreeable to such terms.

Preventing Ear Mites Once They’re Gone

Prevention is naturally the best medicine when it comes to ear mites in dogs, and keeping them clean is your best course of action. Knowing the company your dog keeps is also crucial, as the mites are contagious from animal to animal. Don’t allow your dog to roam the neighborhood freely, as this is a common means of contracting all kinds of conditions, including mites. Of course, if you have more than one dog or even a cat in the house and one of them has mites, chances are good all or both of them do. In this case, it becomes necessary to treat every animal in a synchronized fashion, so that you eliminate the mites from everyone all at once.

Additionally, you may be interested in purchasing a special ear wash treatment specifically formulated for the prevention of mites and other inner-ear critters. For less than 20 dollars, you could have a highly recommended product on hand in your home at all times. They are relatively easy to use, provisional to the fact that your dog is comfortable with you poking, prodding and cleaning him up.

Your dog deserves the best, and that means keeping on top of the issues that impact his health. Know how to recognize the symptoms of ear mites, what to do about them and what preventative steps can be taken to avoid them in the future. Ear mites in dogs can lead to much more serious issues, so take charge now. Also, don’t forget to share your knowledge with other dog owner’s, to help them keep ear mites from becoming a problem too.